Wine Advent Calendar: Which one to choose?

Calendrier de l'avent Vin

Christmas is fast approaching, you have already put out the lights and finished wrapping the presents. Yet waiting for the Christmas presents to be opened can sometimes be a cruel ordeal. Does that beautifully wrapped package make you wince every time you walk by your tree? Is the feeling unbearable? The advent calendar is just the thing to help you wait for the Nativity without too much trouble. And there’s something for everyone. If you are a wine lover, you will find wine advent calendars on the market. They offer a multitude of flavours and aromas that will allow you to fully enjoy each day of waiting. Give them to your loved ones to help them wait too. This is a very original way of expressing your affection during this season of sharing.

What are the best wine advent calendars?

When it comes to choosing your advent calendar, or the one you are going to give to someone, doubts may arise. Indeed, you would like to have some of the best references on which to base your choice. So, here is a careful selection of some of the most famous wine advent calendars to give you an idea of the prices and contents of the surprise boxes.

Vineabox 12 bottle advent calendar (By La Boîte du Fromager)

Vineabox is a French brand renowned for the quality of its wine. In order to make the public discover its best products, it has launched its own advent calendar. It offers 2 kinds of boxes.

The first is a cardboard box with 12 x 75 cl wine bottles. Each large size bottle lasts longer. This is why the brand has adopted this system of discovering a bottle every two days. Thanks to this calendar, you can find a handful of wines selected by experts at the price of 120 euros without shipping costs.

The second Vineabox calendar format is the box containing 24 small 2cl bottles. The brand offers these practical and delicious vials so that you can taste a different wine every day. This calendar takes you on an adventure through the regions and grape varieties until Christmas. In addition, these extracts offer a wider choice for the customer who can then order the one or ones they like. You can buy this lovely boxed set for 69.90 euros without shipping costs. This second calendar was discontinued in 2021 due to its format (2cl per vial), which was considered too small by many customers.

Advent calendar 24 vinottes Domaine du goût

Domaine du goût is renowned for its diverse and tasty wines. Red, white, rosé or spirits, the wines offered by the brand are adapted to all preferences. The advent calendar it suggests is a long cylindrical box containing a total of 24 small bottles of organic wine produced in France. Each bottle is a gourmet journey that takes you to a different vineyard, estate and region each day. To make this experience even more fun, the Domaine du goût has set up a blind tasting system. So, when you taste their exquisite wines, you won’t know their names or their origins, as their labels will only show numbers. Nevertheless, a scratch booklet will accompany you in the discovery of your wines. You can then invite your friends or family to taste these aperitifs and have fun guessing the name of each wine. This year, the Domaine du Goût offers you 4 different advent calendars: the Carroussel du Goût, the Prestige, the XL and the XXL, with prices ranging from 69 to 1500€.

Amazon Wine Advent Calendar (Wein Advent Skalender)

Every year, Wein’s drink fans look forward to the advent calendar. With its 24 x 25cl bottles of wine, the brand continues to attract and convince its customers. The box contains red, white, rosé and sparkling wine. The wines come not only from France, but also from all over the world. This aromatic journey through the world’s terroirs also ensures your satisfaction with the fruity and refined tastes of the wines. The box contains 24 bottles of wine of 25 cl each. The Christmas coloured box will certainly enhance your living room decoration, while remaining elegant and discreet. This advent calendar is available from 89,90 euros and can vary depending on the retailer, the shipping costs and the delivery costs.

Nature et découvertes’ wine advent calendar

Are you looking for an organic wine advent calendar? Then the Nature et Découvertes wine box will certainly do the trick. Indeed, the committed brand allows you to enjoy 24 wonderful organic, HEV or in-conversion wines. Better still, they are all French AOC wines, carefully selected by Thierry Dorge and validated by a demanding tasting committee.

Behind each box, discover a sample of Moulin à vent, Côte du Rhône, Coteaux du Giennois, Côte de Provence… that you can taste in a wine glass. Moreover, you can count on a quality product that tastes just like bottled wine. The La Vinotte® technology, from which each sample of your favourite drink benefits, effectively ensures that its characteristics are preserved.

Treat yourself to this Nature et Découvertes wine advent calendar for 149 euros on the brand’s website. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Bien Manger’s “Tour de France des Appellations de Vin” advent calendar

From the 1st to the 24th of December, taste a new wine every day in reasonable quantities (20 ml), 12 white wines and 12 red wines. They come from the four corners of France: Bordeaux, Loire, Burgundy, Côtes du Rhône, Provence, Languedoc, Savoie, South-West…

Advent calendar Château Calissanne

Over the years, Château Calissanne has continued to improve its advent calendar by selecting the best bottles of wine. It continues to innovate by bringing new varieties to the box to introduce new flavours to its loyal customers and lovers of good wine. The design proposed by Château Calissanne for its box is rather original. Indeed, instead of opting for the traditional cubic or rectangular box, it has chosen a cylindrical box. Containing 24 windows for 24 types of wines and olive oils, it has selected its best products in order to offer gourmet and fragrant extracts. Presented in small 20 ml bottles, each variety of white, red or rosé wine will deeply awaken your senses. The same goes for each bottle of oil. This original and original box is sold from 49 euros.

The Wine & Box Super Calendar

The Wine & Box brand offers advent calendars that are as beautiful as they are original. This box is different from all the others because, in addition to containing 12 half-bottles of different types of wine, it also includes other products. You can find pepper, salt and other condiments from all over the world. Let this journey and the explosion of flavours and aromas convince you to take this calendar and recommend the drinks that made the biggest impression on you. The richness of each bottle is a testament to the passion and care of the producers. This calendar is yours for the price of 149.99 euros. You will not be charged for delivery of this item and it will be delivered directly to your home.

Aldi’s 24-bottle wine advent calendar

Like its many competitors, Festive Collection offers its own wine advent calendar. Nevertheless, this producer stands out for the quality of its products. The brand takes us on a new odyssey with its brightly coloured Christmas box. The calendar draws its flavours from Italy, Australia, South Africa, the United States, New Zealand and Chile. Each day you can discover one of the wines whose names are already on the box. However, you will not know in which order the bottles are stored. This way, you can enjoy a new surprise every day and note down all those that have already been opened. The box contains precisely 2 bottles of 20 cl and 22 bottles of 18.7 cl. This precious box with 24 sources of happiness is sold from 54.90 euros.

What is a wine advent calendar?

The scent, the taste on the palate and the warm feeling it gives as it goes down the throat. There are so many reasons to love wine. For the French, it is inconceivable not to have at least one bottle of wine on the table at parties and aperitifs. In addition, it allows for convivial moments with family and friends during the Advent period. This is why many brands have decided to launch their wine Advent calendars.

The advent calendar is a box containing between 12 and 24 bottles that evoke the number of days leading up to Christmas Day. The wine advent calendar takes the original concept of the calendar and adapts it to include products from the best vineyards. The winegrowers have made this method their own so that they can give buyers a taste of their products and take them on a new adventure. If you are convinced by a particular bottle or bottles of wine, the references and description of the wine are provided with the calendar so that you can order later.

But first, you need to determine which wines you liked best. Selected from a wide range of quality wines, each bottle is a testament to the expertise and quality of treatment that the winemakers put into their products. The bottles are placed in cartons of varying sizes and are arranged in such a way as to prevent them from colliding. Moreover, the boxes are resistant and protect your drinks perfectly well.

Who is this calendar for?

The wine advent calendar is available on the market for the general public. So embark on a new experience with a well-stocked box. Whether you are a novice or an expert in the field, each box is designed to reach and satisfy everyone. Nevertheless, as a precaution, it is necessary to follow the instructions given by the producers. For example, wine, as well as alcohol in general, is not recommended for pregnant women. Also, as a reminder, alcohol abuse can have harmful and irreversible effects on health. This is why it is essential to drink wine in moderate quantities in order to enjoy it fully without putting yourself at risk.

What are the criteria for choosing a wine advent calendar?

There are now many different types of wine advent calendars. The competition is fierce and every brand, especially wine boxes, is working hard to create boxes that are both beautiful and practical. Before choosing a wine advent calendar, it is best to consider certain factors to avoid making the wrong choice and regretting it once you have paid the bill or opened your box. For example, you should consider the design, the price as well as the content of the calendar.

The design

When you buy products for yourself or your loved ones, the packaging and design of the item are the first things that catch your eye. Even before you know exactly what the contents are, the packaging already helps you to make your choice. The shape, the colours, the theme, the material, the opening system, in short the general presentation of the calendar influences your decision. Moreover, if you want to display it in your living room, it must be at least presentable. It should make you want to admire it and open it every morning before Christmas.

The price

The price is a decisive criterion, regardless of the product category in question. Everyone has their own budget and it is up to the customer to decide how much they are prepared to spend on the wine advent calendar they wish to purchase this year. Although this is a season to indulge and please, it is not a reason to break the bank either. A wide range of calendars are on display in supermarkets and specialist shops, with prices to suit every pocketbook.

The content

To decide whether a wine advent calendar is right for you, you first need to know how many bottles are in the box. Some brands offer 24 bottles of wine, which means a new discovery every day. However, some calendars have been designed with 12 bottles inside, which means one bottle to open every other day. Also, the size of the bottles can vary depending on the brand. Some prefer to opt for smaller bottles, if the contents are of high quality and relatively expensive on the market. Once you know the contents of your advent calendar, you can compare it with the price and decide whether it is worth buying or not.

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