Advent Calendar Alcohol (Beers; Wines; Spirits) : Which one to choose?

Calendrier de l'avent alcool

December is approaching and you feel like watering it down? Then you should do something special to end the year on a high note, like choosing an advent calendar. Are you a fan of alcoholic drinks? The alcohol advent calendar is the one for you! During this period, well-known and traditional brands compete to create the best box ever. Whether it’s wine, beer, rum, vodka or spirits, you’ll have something to drink with your friends. Stay tuned to find out more about this unique box.

What are the best alcohol advent calendars?

Many producers and companies specialising in alcoholic beverages give their best every year to offer you advent calendars rich in flavour and taste. More and more original and modern, whether in terms of flavours, ingredients or the aesthetics of the box, there are now many boxes on the market, offering a wide choice of products. To help you choose, we have selected for you the best alcohol advent calendars, including wine advent calendars and beer advent calendars.

Vineabox by La Boîte du Fromager wine advent calendar

La Boîte du Fromager is one of the most famous online shops in the field of beverages. Accompanying all your aperitifs with colleagues or friends, the brand offers a wide range of wines for sale. To please its customers and those who wish to discover their products, it has created not one, but two wine advent calendars.

This box of 12 bottles of 75 cl allows you to discover a bottle every two days during Advent and to share it in good company. The second calendar is a modern cylindrical box containing 24 mignonettes. Since 2021 the 24 vinottes format does not exist anymore at the box of the cheese maker. You can find this version at Domaine du Goût, below.

This exceptional end-of-year gift costs 129.99 euros.

The advent calendar of Une Petite Mousse beer

December is approaching, but not fast enough for your taste. So, to pass the time, think about keeping your mind occupied. And what better way to do this than with the Advent calendar from the brand Une Petite Mousse! We hear a lot about it, but what makes this calendar so special? Well, its advent calendars are a single concept available in 3 versions.

All boxes are shaped like a fridge and contain 24 craft beers. First of all, there is the “initiation & discovery” box for small budgets. Then there is the “French craft” selection to help you discover the country’s best craft beers. And finally, there is the “beers of the world” box to satisfy the adventurers who would like to discover the specialities of 11 countries. Available to order on the brand’s website, the first one is sold at 49.95 euros and the other two at 69.95 euros.

The Domaine du Goût Spirits Advent Calendar

Domaine du goût has found a nice selection of 24 100% French spirits. This advent calendar is composed of 24 vials of 2cl of vodka, gin, armagnac or rum… and many other spirits. Discoveries guaranteed! You will find it at the price of 149 €.

Beery Christmas advent calendar

Beery Christmas is one of the most popular advent calendars. Made and marketed by the brand Saveur Bière, it is eagerly awaited by beer lovers every year. It is therefore in a large unique box that it presents 24 drinks from 17 different countries. Each of them is carefully brewed, alone or in collaboration, by 29 breweries and is produced by people who are passionate about beer. And to make the experience even better, there’s an assistant to give you more information about each bottle. If you want to experience the real taste of beer, you can buy this advent calendar for 69.90 euros.

The Nature and Discovery beer advent calendar

The advent calendars that Nature et Découvertes proposes for your holidays are boxes, whose diversified content can make you travel on several continents. Beers from Australia, Iceland, Belgium, the United States, Germany, France, Scotland, England, Canada, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Estonia, Spain, Japan, etc. are sure to delight your taste buds. Two calendars are available from the brand: one costs 59 euros, the other 79 euros.

The Whisky Super Unusual Advent Calendar

Among the most eagerly awaited by connoisseurs, you can find the advent calendar presented by the Super Insolite website. But why is it so coveted? First of all, you should know that it is particularly appreciated by men for the power of its aromas and the sensations it provides. Secondly, each whisky included in this magnificent box is handpicked to ensure quality products. Moreover, these 3cl bottles come from all over the world, including Japan, America, Ireland, Scotland, etc. In addition, you will have the right to a card to know more about your drinks. As for the price, it is 219.90 euros including VAT.

The wine advent calendar Domaine du goût

To warm up and add more euphoria to your festive season, you can buy an advent calendar from Domaine du goût. This brand is well known for its white, red and rosé wines and its spirits. The advent calendars created by Domaine du Taste quickly became well known and have been awaited every year like the arrival of Father Christmas. This box, which is very popular at Christmas time, contains 24 adorable little bottles.

The brand wants to offer an exquisite tasting experience with a lot of surprises for a memorable end of the year, mixing different wine varieties. You can pre-order this pretty and original calendar for about 69 euros. But the brand does not stop there. This time, to satisfy spirits lovers, it is offering an advent calendar filled with bottles of spirits. With this calendar, toast to life and its little pleasures for 24 days. It costs 69 euros. You can also find it at Nature et Découvertes, at €79.

Ricard advent calendar

The Eating Well website is full of resources. Every year it aims to give consumers the very best for a rich Christmas experience. For example, it offers the Ricard advent calendar. The 2cl vials are presented in a neat wooden box. The box is made in an environmentally friendly way by disabled workers. Thanks to it, you will be able to blind-test a small Ricard bottle for 24 days. So, how would you like to start this adventure full of fragrance and flavour? Order your Ricard calendar now on from 43.95 euros.

Advent calendar wines GCF Selektion

Discover the new GCF Selektion advent calendar, which allows you to discover a wine or a sparkling wine between December 1st and 24th. You will find 4 bottles of 18,7CL, 4 bottles of 20Cl and 16 bottles of 25CL, all in one calendar. You can find it on Amazon for 59,90€.

Advent calendar Festive Collection

The Festive Collection brand, which has nothing to envy its peers, is also presenting its advent calendar. It is a box of 24 surprises, with recipes and ingredients from many countries around the world. When you receive your box, you will be able to read on the packaging all the components of your box, but you will not know which bottle is in which box. So you have to wait and play the game and discover your new drink every day. And believe us, with 22 bottles of 18.7 cl and 2 of 20 cl, you are sure not to get bored. Moreover, to acquire this article, you will pay approximately 55 euros. However, this price is likely to change depending on the shop you visit.

Wine & Box advent calendar

Looking for a special advent calendar? Wine & Box is the right address! In collaboration with several producers, the brand is trying to seduce aperitif and cooking enthusiasts, who will be more than satisfied with this unique box. Indeed, it does not only contain bottles of wine, it also includes a good dozen boxes of spices of different origins. If you opt for this calendar, you will be able to concoct delicious festive dishes while enjoying a good glass of wine. But beware! You don’t want to break the surprise by opening two boxes on the same day. In any case, you can buy it for 149.99 euros on the Wine & Box website.

Advent calendar wine Château Calissanne

Sparkling, dynamic, colourful… These are the words that define the Château Calissanne advent calendar at first sight. Its modern and fine design already lets you guess the delicacy of the drinks, of which it is composed, but not only. In addition to the bottles of wine, the box also contains small bottles of olive oil. Each bottle is 20 ml in size, so all the surprises in this box are made for gourmets and food lovers. You can buy this calendar for about 49 euros.

The Ma Bière Artisanale advent calendar

Ma Bière Artisanale offers you a more than original advent calendar. Indeed, this calendar is entirely filled with the best craft beers of France. But you will also have the honour of personalising a few bottles from the selection. To do so, you simply have to provide the messages you want to write on your drinks and submit them to the team. With cute little messages, it’s the perfect gift for a loved one! Joy is guaranteed when your loved one opens the 24 windows behind which these personalised surprises are hidden. You can buy this advent calendar for 69,90 euros.

The beer advent calendar Planet Drinks

Planète Drinks offers you even more choice thanks to its range of advent calendars, each as beautiful as the next. Don’t resist, enter and immerse yourself completely in the world of beer thanks to these Christmas boxes. Among the productions of Planète Drinks, we can mention the “Bad Santa” box, the “Rennes” advent calendar, the “Monument” box, “French Craft”, “Bières du monde”, etc. Each of these calendars allows you to taste many specialities from all over the world. Prices vary from 74.90 euros to 89.90 euros.

The Breton Beer Advent Calendar

The Bières Bretonnes calendar is the fruit of a legendary collaboration. To the delight of beer lovers, Penn Ar Box and Bières had the brilliant idea of putting together a diversified and delicious box. With its blond, brown, white and amber beers, this box has enough to intoxicate you during the 24 days before Christmas. In this box you will find 24 specialities from Brittany, whose recipes are carefully preserved by local producers. With this 16 kg box, you are sure to be fully satisfied with your choice! You can buy it for 69 euros.

The Whisky advent calendar from Drinks by the Dram

In terms of alcohol, Drinks by the Dram is a true reference. Whether it’s a night out or a special occasion, the brand always has the right bottles in stock. So what if this Advent you decide you don’t want one, or two, but 24? Well, that’s perfectly possible with an advent calendar. In fact, in the whisky box you will find drinks from all over the world. From Scotland and America to Iceland, you can travel with a good glass of whisky. You can taste the products of the world’s best distilleries for around 170.93 euros.

Master of Malt Whisky Advent Calendar

Master of Malt is THE shop to go to for Christmas. Specialising in the sale of luxury alcohol, it offers a wide range of advent calendars. In terms of advent calendars, Master of Malt does not skimp on offering you the best.

Between whisky, cognac, rum, vodka, gin, you will find everything. You’ll have plenty of choice thanks to the many boxes offered in the catalogue. To name but a few: “Irish Whiskey Advent”, “Old & Rare Whisky Advent”, “12 Days of Boutique-Y whisky”, “12 Days of Boutique-Y Gin”, “Ginvent Calendar”, “12 Days of Rum”, “Rum advent calendar”, “Vodka Explorer Advent”, “Tequila Advent calendar”, “Absinthe Advent Calendar”, “Naga Advent calendar”, etc. Prices vary depending on the product, but range from 69.72 euros to 930.17 euros.

What is an alcohol advent calendar?

Feel like doing something crazy? Well, this end of year is the time to do it! All year long, you take on the role of responsible adult. So, to end the year with originality, add a touch of fantasy to your daily routine by enjoying a variety of alcoholic beverages. In order to taste a new drink every day, you can offer yourself an alcohol advent calendar.

An alcoholic advent calendar is a box containing a variety of alcoholic surprises. The box should contain on average 24 boxes or windows behind which you will find bottles or small bottles of alcohol. Between whisky, rum, gin, vodka, cognac, wine and spirits, you will have plenty of choice and can opt for the box that best suits your tastes. With this gift for yourself or a loved one, you can be sure that you’ll be pleasantly warm all winter long! And when this magical time is over, you can keep the magic going by ordering the bottles that impressed you the most in your calendar.

Who is it for?

Of all the adult advent calendars, the alcohol calendar is one of the most popular. Fans of beer, wine or vodka will tell you that it is a real treasure and a dream come true. However, although it is very tempting to try many varieties of drinks from all over the world, it is not necessarily suitable for everyone. The limitations are mainly for safety reasons.

First of all, this advent calendar cannot be bought by minors. So please remember to show proof of identity when ordering or when buying in the shop. Secondly, we would like to warn pregnant women about the potential harm that alcohol can have on the development of their babies. Similarly, mothers who are still breastfeeding their infants should not abuse this box to avoid health concerns for their children.

What are the criteria for choosing an advent calendar for alcohol?

Before venturing into all the shops that sell advent calendars, you can check out the offers online. In this way, you can study all the characteristics of each box before you buy it. The main criteria to consider are the contents and the price of the box.

First of all, you need to define your taste and content requirements. Are you a wine or beer man? Vodka or rum? Think about this beforehand to avoid going in blind! Secondly, if you are a regular, you probably already have your own preferences in terms of drinks. You can therefore choose the varieties you usually drink. However, if you want to be really adventurous, you can choose products that you don’t normally consume. For example, if you are not used to drinking cognac, you can offer yourself a box dedicated to it to change and discover new sensations. Perhaps you will change your preference after that.

On the other hand, the price is just as important when buying an advent calendar for alcohol. But first of all, it should be remembered that some very famous brands can sell their top-of-the-range bottles at a higher or lower price, while artisanal brands and producers are more reasonable in their pricing. Thus, costs can vary greatly. Of course, it is up to you to sort out and wisely select the box that fits your wallet.

Apart from these last two points, you should also consider the design of the box. Do you love wine and want to have an advent calendar filled with wine? In addition to your preferences, choose a box whose packaging you like and which corresponds to your expectations. Because even if you have to look at it and use it for 24 long days, it is better to choose a visually appealing box.