Erotic advent calendar: Which one to choose?

calendrier de l'avent

The end of year celebrations are fast approaching and you are looking for an original gift to give to your partner or even to yourself? Why not kill two birds with one stone and choose a gift for both of you? Give in to the ultimate temptation and treat yourself to an advent calendar. Yes, these boxes are no longer reserved for children, as adults are also entitled to them. You can treat yourself to some nice surprises before Christmas Eve. What’s more, there’s something for everyone: beer, jewellery, cosmetics and, of course, naughty things… something to spice up your life as a couple before the holidays.

The best sexy advent calendars

Every year, advent calendars are very creative and daring. There is something for everyone, for men, women, coquettes, sex addicts, food lovers… So which adult advent calendar will make you want to buy the most? Discover here the best ideas for this year’s surprise boxes, with all the little gifts they hide.

Dorcel advent calendar

This year, Dorcel Store is offering an erotic advent calendar for adults who want to spice up their lives together or discover new experiences. So whether you’re in a relationship or single, look forward to it. With the 24 surprises that Dorcel has reserved for you in its special pleasure box, your winter nights will be hot and torrid. This very limited edition calendar will take you to other worlds to discover or rediscover your partner. Don’t wait any longer to get your present and end the year in style. Express the desire that is in you, live intensely the love with your partner and especially savour each moment that passes!

Awaken your senses with this little basket of pleasure at €249, for a total value of €650.

The erotic advent calendar Espace plaisir

Get ready for a very naughty Christmas with this Espaceplaisir advent calendar. This magnificent box will make you enjoy the 24 days leading up to Christmas. This gift has been specially designed for those who want to add more spice to their love life. In this calendar, you will find 24 surprises to discover and use whenever you feel like it. Amongst others, there are 10 lovetoys, 1 We-Vibe, 5 BDSM accessories, 5 wellness products and 4 naughty game accessories… In short, everything you need to spend a magical night in love.

It’s Christmas, so let your instincts take over and opt for this Espaceplaisir calendar. It promises you unforgettable moments to live as a couple, while waiting for the end of year party. Note that the batteries for your new toys are already included in the box. As for the price, it is proposed at 139€, and contains about 470€ worth of products.

The sexy advent calendar Passage du Désir

This year Passage du désir has created its own calendar, 100% French touch“. It offers 24 challenges to spice up married life! This “Deluxe” Adult Advent calendar is a magical toy box, as it offers a whole range of naughty products to warm you up during the festive period of Christmas. Do you want to have a passionate December? Indulge yourself with the surprise gifts hidden in this naughty calendar. Its principle, to make you discover each day erotic accessories to spice up your evening, during 24 days. It includes a “Womanizer classic black”, a “We-Vibe Unite”, 7 sex toys, 6 intimate cosmetics, 7 games and 4 sensual accessories. It is priced at 189€, for a total value of 499€ of products.

Passage du Désir also offers 2 other sexy advent calendars: a 24-slot Classic advent calendar and an 8-slot “Le Désir, Toys et Lingeries” boxed set, priced at 139€ and 99€ respectively. These calendars are mainly aimed at straight couples, but also include exclusive accessories to treat yourself solo. So if you want a unique gift for your partner to set the mood in your relationship, go for this naughty calendar.

The Amorelie sextoy advent calendar

Whether it’s to spice up your foreplay, for sensual cuddling moments or for intense play, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in the cocktails of erotic products in this Amorelie advent calendar. Indeed, it is a premium box that gathers 24 sex toys of great brands. These include products from Svara, Amorelie Care, Womanizer and BOLD. In addition to the sex toys, the box also contains care products, exciting accessories, massage oils, gels and a number of sex toys.

Designed for couples who want to try new experiences, this adult advent calendar allows you to fulfil all your fantasies during 24 consecutive days before Christmas. In addition, there are also accessories and advice cards to introduce you to bondage and make your lovemaking hotter. So, if you want to offer your partner a special moment, let yourself be seduced by this erotic box. This year, Amorelie offers you two versions of the advent calendar: the Original for 99,90 € and the Adventure for 199,90 €.

The Lovehoney couple advent calendar

Before Christmas, treat yourself to a month of intimate exploration with this authentic Lovehoney advent calendar. Having trouble reaching orgasm during your lovemaking? This erotic box contains all the accessories you need to get your kicks. Behind its 24 surprise boxes, you will discover all sorts of naughty products and erotic accessories. Among these, there is the wearable vibrator, equipped with 4 vibration modes and 3 speeds, to allow you to reach the seventh heaven. There are also naughty lingerie and other high quality sex toys for light bondage. For sensual pleasures, essential oils are also included in the box.

Much more than an advent calendar, this Lovehoney box hides exceptional gifts in its little windows that will add more fun to your Christmas parties. You can open them every morning to get your day off to a good start, or wait until the evening to experience exciting moments with lovely, intimate surprises. This year, Lovehoney offers you 4 different advent calendars. There’s something for everyone, from couples, to her, to him and finally a special lingerie calendar. They cost between 75 and 150€.

Sexy avenue advent calendar

Discover this sexy advent calendar, for adults, which contains 24 accessories.

It’s an advent calendar that opens like a book to reveal the 24 naughty surprises that await you inside.

Each day, a naughty product, to discover as a couple. Depending on the day, some are for ladies, and others for gentlemen. So if you are not in couple, you can share it with a friend!

The Sexy Avenue calendar comes with a catalogue, so you can have all the information about each product included in this advent calendar. But try not to open the catalogue until after the box has been opened, to keep the surprise. This year, your calendar to share as a couple, or alone, is composed of 13 sex toys, 5 wellness products, 2 BDSM accessories and 4 naughty accessories.

This little wonder of pleasure is €139, and contains products worth a total of €470.

Advent calendar Kamasutra

This calendar will allow you to have 25 challenges, 25 sexy and romantic positions, to realize as a couple. Have fun, the 24 days before Christmas, you won’t see the end of the year coming! This calendar is priced at 16,90€. A nice gift to wait until Christmas.

Calendar Event for couples

Do you want to experience unforgettable romantic moments before the end of the year? Take the time to share special moments with your partner with this Advent Calendar Event. It offers you many ideas to cultivate your relationship. This calendar offers 25 challenges to do together each day before Christmas Day. It’s a chance to give your relationship more flavour and to rekindle the flame, just like on your first date. With this calendar, you will have the joy of discovering romantic and sexy moments day after day, in the form of boxes to open. In addition to the challenges, this calendar also includes little games, pictures, love tips… In short, everything you need to spice up your relationship for 25 days… and more.

If you feel that your relationship is becoming routine, this advent calendar is for you. Please note that this calendar is not only for Christmas, as you can always use it for any occasion, e.g. Valentine’s Day, your wedding anniversary, etc. So it’s a sexy gift to give if you want to add a touch of originality to your “events”. You can buy this suspenseful advent calendar for €14.90.

The Naughty & Nice Adam and Eve advent calendar

Adam & Eve offers you a special adult advent calendar to prepare for Christmas as a couple. You won’t be disappointed with the 24 sex toys and accessories they offer to enhance your winter evenings. Guaranteed pleasure and an unforgettable experience!

With a total value of 500€, Adam et Eve offers it to you at a very attractive price of 99€.

Durex advent calendar

No need to introduce Durex, one of the world’s leading condom manufacturers! This year, the brand is offering an erotic “Do it Yourself” Christmas calendar for couples. It includes 4 lubricating gels, 3 different condom packs, 3 naughty toys and 14 sensual vouchers and games.

Praline & Priape

Waiting for Christmas to indulge yourself is out of the question. This year, you can look forward to the holidays in a hot and erotic atmosphere with the Praline & Priape advent calendar. If you like to try out new condoms every chance you get, imagine how you’ll feel when, for 24 days, you have a new erotic surprise to try out. You won’t be bored for sure!

This Praline & Priape advent calendar invites you to enjoy the game of excitement and the discovery of each other. It offers you 24 naughty surprise products including 6 sensual cosmetics, 4 naughty games, 7 accessories to discover bondage and 7 sex toys to lead you to ecstasy. In addition, to make sure that you really have fun in this new erotic adventure, games and small advice cards are included in the box. They help you to use your new sex toys. The Praline & Priape Advent Calendar is priced at €129.

What is an erotic advent calendar?

Everyone knows the concept of the advent calendar, the gift box for children to keep them waiting until Christmas. However, adults are also entitled to exceptional gifts before Christmas to make them feel that they are being thought of, and that Christmas is a family celebration. This is how the “adult” versions of the advent calendar came onto the market a few years ago. Nowadays, it has become a trend, as the big brands offer an exclusive advent calendar every year. Moreover, the choice of gifts is very wide: food, cosmetics, drinks… and even unusual objects. In this respect, some brands have specialised in adult advent calendars for couples. So, sellers of naughty objects offer you real favourites to increase your pleasure tenfold during the festive period at the end of the year. Sex toys, erotic accessories, essential oils, sex toys… everything you need for a hot and steamy Christmas season (and much more besides). You won’t want to leave your room.

Who is it for?

Adult advent calendars are mainly aimed at couples (heterosexual and homosexual), whether they are newlyweds (or not) or old lovebirds. However, singles who like to have fun alone can also afford this calendar thanks to the solo fun items it contains. Sure, this version of the advent calendar is guaranteed to have no chocolates, but it does contain 24 naughty surprises. Typically, adult advent calendars contain sex toys to warm up the atmosphere in your relationship. However, there are also many unusual calendars to vary your pleasures every day.

In addition, naughty brands or boxes offer adult advent calendars that are mainly for women or for men, but most are mixed and can even be shared, as their content is very generous. So, whether you are a man or a woman, single or in a relationship, you can find an adult advent calendar to enjoy. All you have to do is convince your partner to use the contents of the calendar.

What are the criteria for choosing a sexy advent calendar?

With so many original offers, it is difficult to choose your adult advent calendar. We have therefore selected for you some essential criteria to take into account to make your choice easier.

The price

This is what will essentially determine your choice. Indeed, you have to define in advance the budget you are going to set aside for the purchase of your adult advent calendar. If you are looking for sex toy sets, the average price is €100. But there are other cheaper items on the market that may appeal to you, such as an event calendar or other unusual calendars for couples. Whatever your budget, you are sure to find a calendar that meets your needs.

The content

Most adult advent calendars are made up of sex toys, so the first thing to do is choose the material. This is what your pleasure depends on. There are silicone, latex and leather accessories, but it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your body and your use. In addition, you should also consider the comfort it offers, the size, the sensation it gives and the safety.

Personal pleasure

Before you buy, you need to define your needs and desires. Do you want simple items to rekindle the flame of your love or do you want to try out accessories to achieve ecstasy? In the latter case, ask yourself if you want to indulge yourself solo, as a duo or even as a group. So there are many things to consider before choosing your adult advent calendar. The best thing to do is to talk to your partner beforehand to find out what they want. That way, you can easily find the right surprise box to intensify your intimate moments as a couple.