Harry Potter advent calendar: which one to choose?

Calendario de adviento de Harry Potter

How can you help a Potterhead wait until Christmas? It’s simple: give him an advent calendar of Harry Potter. For a fan of the famous saga, it is, without a doubt, the ideal gift to welcome the festivities in a good mood. But what does it really contain? What to choose among the creations in homage to the universe of this apprentice wizard? Where can you find one? What criteria should you take into account to give yourself or someone else the best in this category? Let’s take a closer look at the subject in this article.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar : The concept

Once a year, in the run-up to December, the Harry Potter advent calendar comes to enchant the daily lives of Potterheads. Through 24 different finds, we invite you to relive the fantastic adventures of the saga.

On the whole, the discoveries are limited to illustrated objects or objects bearing the effigy of the apprentice wizard and his world. Nevertheless, the shops revisit the theme in their own way. And to make an impression, they are not lacking in imagination!

So you have several choices when buying this calendar. On the one hand, there are the Harry Potter action figure sets, and on the other, the Lego sets with games and so on. This does not displease the fans, both young and old. On the contrary, they love these creations that will undoubtedly complete their beautiful collection!

So, are you looking forward to a trip to the magical world of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice this Christmas? Or do you know someone who would love to go back? Whether as a gift or for yourself, it’s perfect for fans.

The list of all Harry Potter advent calendars

Struggling to find the perfect box set for yourself or a Harry Potter fan? Here are all the options you have for the Christmas countdown.

Funko pop

Fans of figurines will immediately fall in love with this Harry Potter advent calendar. Each day there is a new discovery that automatically adds to your collection. At the end of the calendar, you will receive a total of 24 statuettes featuring the characters from the famous saga.

This Christmas, with Funko pop, you may finally find the figurine of Voldemort, Dumbledore or why not Dobby! In any case, even if the packaging seems to give some clues, the finds are kept secret. So if you want to experience a moment of euphoria throughout Advent, this calendar is a sure bet.

Like the previous editions, this box set is sure to delight all Potterheads. Who wouldn’t be happy to see their favourite characters again? How much will it cost to receive it at home or to give it to a loved one? Make someone happy by paying the sum of 54.99 euros.

Lego Harry Potter advent calendar

How about celebrating Christmas at Hogwarts? This calendar from Lego invites you to do just that this Advent season. Experience the start of the festivities in the best of all worlds, in other words, at Hogwarts School. Harry, Ron, Hermione and the other characters are waiting for you in each box. But not only that! The boxed set also offers you elements that help you recreate the mythical scenes from the famous saga.

As you can see, with each surprise, it is as if you were once again in the fantastic world of Harry and his friends. Among these nuggets, you will find a playground and small constructions to build. As for the rest, we invite you to discover it for yourself!

For what it is, the Lego advent calendar seems perfect for children who are Harry Potter fans. But that doesn’t stop adults from enjoying it. After all, you’re never too young or too old to spend a Christmas at Hogwarts.

Price: 29.99 euros.

Harry Potter advent calendar Cinereplicas

Potterheads, prepare to be dazzled by the Cinereplicas advent calendar. Its packaging proudly displays the four Hogwarts foundation houses, namely, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Brings back fond memories and exciting adventures, doesn’t it? Well, that’s just the beginning with this product designed with the Warner Bros. license in mind.

The design of Cinereplicas is sensational, but the contents of the calendar are equally impressive. The result is a series of high-quality gifts that are offered exclusively to each holder of the box. If you wish, you can be one of them this year. It would be another way to end the year in style. What’s more, the brand is offering you the opportunity to win a genuine replica of the Nimbus 2000.

Price: 29.95 euros

Hachette Heroes

To wait until Christmas, you can take a trip into the world of wizards with the Hachette Heroes calendar. As original as the other boxes, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy 25 new objects to live the advent with pleasure. The time-turner and the golden snitch are just a taste of what’s in store for you on this journey.

The authenticity of this calendar lies in its unique appearance. It has been designed in the form of a pop-up book that beautifully portrays Hogwarts and the characters from the saga. As an added bonus, there is a 96-page album that takes you directly behind the scenes of the film.

Thinking of giving it to a friend or acquaintance? Excellent idea! You will fill him or her with joy with this work, available for 35 euros.

Gallimard jeunesse

Some brands want to prolong the pleasure of their advent calendar. Gallimard Jeunesse happens to be one of them. Ideal for children from 6 to 10 years old, its boxed set promises 25 surprises specially concocted in honour of Harry Potter.

No doubt all Potterheads will appreciate the creations hidden in this beautiful calendar. Among the nuggets to discover, there are :

  • The famous Hogwarts Express ticket;
  • Harry’s admission letter ;
  • Hedwige key rings;
  • Potions and patronus;
  • chocogrenouille stickers;
  • Greeting cards in Hogwarts colours.

Let your child experience the advent season with these accessories that conjure up the wizarding world. He will not have time to get bored while being immersed in the magical world of Harry Potter.

Price: 29,90 euros

The Wizard’s shop

This is a creation that stands out for its originality. It will meet the desires of those who want to live a different experience for the countdown to Christmas. Indeed, to change the classic Harry Potter advent calendars, The Wizard’s shop revisits the concept in its own way.

For 12 successive days, you are invited to discover a new pair of socks in the theme of the saga. In detail, five high socks and seven low socks that will allow you to spend the winter in warmth and style.

Available at €39.95, this atypical calendar promises pretty designs and fidelity to the fantastic world of wizards. There’s nothing like it to get you ready for the festivities in the best possible conditions!

Harry Potter advent calendar with magic cube

Are you looking for a girly, yet authentic Harry Potter advent calendar? This one may be just what you’re looking for. For little girls, the box takes the form of a black cube beautifully decorated with the four houses of Hogwarts. That’s right! Right from the packaging, it knows how to make an impression on buyers. And we’re convinced that it will capture your little one’s attention just as much.

So what does this magic cube hold? Is its content as interesting as its packaging? It would seem so. From the first day of advent until the end of the adventure, every little girl will come across new surprises. These include:

  • Gryffindor socks;
  • Hogwarts stickers;
  • Hair accessories;
  • Pens in the shape of a Harry Potter wand;
  • An invisible ink pen with UV light and a letterhead;
  • Bracelets with chibi charms.

If you know a fan of the saga, then you know what to do to make her happy this Christmas.

Price: 43.99 euros


In the run-up to Christmas, Paladone has put together two different calendars just for the Potterheads. This way, there is something for everyone during this waiting period.

Advent calendar Paladone cubic

Paladone is very imaginative when it comes to pleasing Harry Potter fans in December. This box is living proof. The cube-shaped packaging is a trendy invitation to return to Hogwarts. Just like the goodies hidden inside. To mention only the figurines of the emblematic characters of the saga as well as the magic wands.

Price: 76.27 euros

Advent calendar Paladone Stationery

Harry Potter and stationery fans, your wishes are (finally!) granted. Paladone brings your two great passions together in one box. For your happiness, get a set of accessories dedicated to stationery (and of course the wizard universe).

The brand has reserved a beautiful selection for you to spend the advent with joy and euphoria. Underneath the beautiful box in the colours of the Hogwarts houses are some quality items. These include ink pads, notepads and various stickers.

Price: 32,90 euros

The Carat Shop

Every year, The Carat Shop box set is a hit with fans. And it looks like that’s not going to change! The Harry Potter jewellery advent calendar is indeed making a comeback to make you happy.

Like previous editions, it is sure to capture your heart. Let’s face it, what Potterhead wouldn’t be thrilled to find a nice assortment of saga-themed gems?

This time, the treasures are placed in a pretty compartmentalised jewellery box that looks like a small wizard’s trunk. Each day, you will have the pleasure of opening a box to find one of the following accessories:

  • Exclusive Hogwarts Amulet;
  • Bracelet and charms ;
  • Beads and stoppers ;
  • Earrings and necklaces.

As you will have noticed, the brand offers you a magnificent collection of jewellery, most of it silver-plated. The discovery of these jewels will certainly give you the euphoria you are looking for in a good advent calendar.

For the moment, the price of this product from The Carat Shop is unknown.

Here are all the Harry Potter advent calendars. Now that you know them, it will be easier to buy one for yourself or for your loved ones.

What is in the Harry Potter Advent calendar?

Generally, each calendar contains 24 Harry Potter-themed finds. Depending on the brand, these may be toys, accessories or objects. With rare exceptions, some have extra surprises in store for you, but to find out, you need to look closely at the offers.

Where can I find a Harry Potter advent calendar?

It is available on most online retailers. Type ‘Harry Potter advent calendar’ into the search engines and you will see that you have several options. All you have to do is order the right one! 

Which Harry Potter advent calendar to choose?

In fact, they are all the same! However, the idea is to find the one that best suits your desires and of course your budget. In other words, the best Harry Potter advent calendar is the one that satisfies you in every way. In other words, the box that appeals to you both in terms of its packaging and its contents. It’s up to you to consider them before you buy!