Rum Advent Calendar: which one to choose?

Calendrier de l’avent du Rhum : lequel choisir ?

Shops and homes are beginning to hang up their Christmas decorations, and the songs are already lulling us into a late evening. This year, you too want to enjoy the wait with the same enthusiasm as the little ones. With advent calendars for older children, you can enjoy the month of December. To spice up your days until New Year’s Eve, opt for a rum advent calendar. The biggest brands offer you various boxes, each as interesting as the next. If you haven’t tried one yet, we’ll be happy to help you make your choice!

The best rum advent calendars

This year, many brands have come up with boxes with their own little touch of originality. To help you in your search, we have selected some of the most popular ones for you!

Advent calendar Boutique Rhum

Boutique Rhum is an online shop, whose catalogue is mainly composed of rum from all over the world. To brighten up and warm up your days before Christmas, the shop offers 7 different rum advent calendars, including the “24 Days of rum”. In this box you will find rums from Barbados, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Trinidad, Panama, etc. But, in addition to offering you 24 bottles of 20 ml rum, this box also takes you on an adventure by providing you with two glasses for tasting and two notebooks to write down all your impressions of each variety. You can offer this advent calendar as a gift or as a present from 85 euros. We also invite you to discover the 6 other rum advent calendars offered by the Rum Shop, everyone will find something to their liking: from 79.90€ for the 2021 version of the 24 Days of Rum, to 177€ for the Vita Dulcis advent calendar, Premium version.

La Route Des Rhums: 24 Agricultural Rums

This year too, La Route Des Rhums is releasing an exclusive rum box for Christmas. In order not to spoil the surprise, they are not disclosing any brand names to consumers. Inside, you will find varieties of agricultural rums specially created for this occasion, vintages that have not yet been released or that have become rare in our time! It is available for pre-order at €149.

Rum Attitude: 24 Days of Rum

Each day, Rhum Attitude allows you to discover a new rum, in a reasonable quantity, but sufficient to have all the flavours in your mouth (2cl). You will also have 2 tasting glasses, which will allow you to taste in the best conditions. This year, Rhum Attitude offers you their calendar for 79,90€.

The Rum Attitude Rum Advent Calendar is an invitation to travel to the four corners of the earth through the tasting of 24 different rums. From the Caribbean to Saint Lucia and many other countries, classic rums, but also new discoveries will be on offer. You will also receive an additional 5 centilitre sample, making a total of 25 products.

Many other surprises await you for more pleasure. Indeed, to accompany you in this adventure, Rhum Attitude has included two glasses and a tasting booklet in its box. Share a moment of pleasure with your partner and write down your appreciation of the taste. This year, the advent calendar is available from 79.90 euros.

La Vignery

La Vignery offers different types of advent calendars with high quality drinks. This year, we can expect a box as well designed as the previous ones. Inside, discover white or amber rums of various origins!

The Home-made Arrangé

Fans of mixes and arranged rum will benefit enormously from this new calendar from L’Arrangé Maison. In the two boxes, you’ll find 24 arrangements with an alcohol content ranging from 27% to 48%. They are arranged in 10 cl capacity miniatures.

Why buy a rum advent calendar?

Advent calendars allow us to get into the Christmas mood a little in advance. But why should we choose to buy a rum box?

Indulge yourself

As they say, after the effort, the comfort. You’ve worked hard all year, you deserve this little box of goodies! Yes, it’s not just children who can enjoy the excitement of advent calendars. You too can enjoy this sense of playfulness with the adult boxes. If you want to break away from the routine of the gourmet boxes or the beauty category, treat yourself this year with some good rum.

Discovering without choosing

Often, we find it difficult to buy a new bottle for fear of being disappointed. So we settle for what we usually drink. But let’s face it, even if you’re a big fan of spirits, buying your favourite bottle for every occasion can get boring.

The solution is to buy yourself a rum advent calendar. It’s the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and taste all sorts of rums without having to choose. Your box will have a surprise in store for you in each of the boxes, with flavours that you may not have seen before. This is particularly true of boxes that offer rum from the four corners of the world.

The joy of sharing

Do you know someone in your circle who loves rum? Then give them one of these advent calendars! There’s nothing more satisfying than giving someone else a treat. Whether it’s your soul mate, friends, family members or even colleagues. After all, isn’t it the season of giving? This is the time of year when we can further strengthen our bonds, repair them or create new ones. Let’s make some room for the Christmas spirit! It will be a little early, but it’s never too early to give our loved ones a gift.

How do you find the ideal box for you or your loved ones?

You have decided to buy a rum advent calendar, but you don’t know how to find the perfect box. Indeed, it’s hard to choose from all the offers in the shops and on the internet! But don’t worry, the following three criteria will allow you to choose the box that will offer you the best tasting.

The design of the box

In order to attract the buyer’s attention, brands put a lot of effort into the external appearance of their products. The strength, format, illustrations, colours and even the fonts used for the letters. That’s right! When it comes to advent calendars, the adage “clothes don’t make the man” has no place. The design of the box already says a lot about the quality of its contents, so pay special attention to it. Take the one that appeals to you the most, the one that makes you want to discover what’s inside!

The contents of the box

It goes without saying that what the box contains is also very important. So before you put the item of your choice in your shopping cart, take the time to check out what it has to offer. You don’t need to ‘spoiler’ and see the whole list. Short, generalized descriptions are available on the web.

Are they quality rums? What countries do they come from? Are there several varieties available in the box? See if this is what you want to discover at the end of the year, if it is something you will like. Of course, you can also opt for the surprise effect!

The price of the box

Last but not least, the price is an important criterion for choosing your rum advent calendar. Checking the ratio between the quality of the product and its cost is an obvious step before making a purchase. Of course, you like the idea of pleasing yourself or someone else by offering a rum box. However, you don’t necessarily need to pour everything you’ve saved over the year into it. Don’t forget that there’s still the New Year and life goes on after the holidays! That said, even if there are affordable gift sets, don’t fall into the trap of abnormally low prices!

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