Advent calendar for gastronomy: Which one to choose?

calendrier de l’Avent de la Gastronomie

It’s official, the party season is on! This year, you don’t want to be deprived of the things you want. So get out your best cutlery and cloth napkins, invite friends or close family and treat yourself to some gourmet food. Yes, but the food lover in you cannot be satisfied with just one tasting. Fortunately, many brands have taken it upon themselves to create a tailor-made box that will take you on a whirlwind of flavours. And this, by mixing simplicity and sophistication during 24 days. Whether you’re a true gourmet or just curious, the gastronomic advent calendar could well become your favourite of all. Do you want to know more about this unique box? We tell you all about it!

What are the best gourmet advent calendars?

Many brands have entered the race for the best advent calendar. They are all looking for ways to innovate, to offer unique flavours and to give new experiences to food lovers. Nevertheless, in this fierce competition, we can mention the boxes that stand out from the rest by their quality and originality, especially with cheese or sausage.

La Boîte du Fromager : Advent calendar of cheese

La Boîte du Fromager is an online shop and reference for French gastronomy. Renowned for its exquisite wines and cheeses, the brand has won over many gourmets thanks to its farmhouse and artisanal products, entirely made by the country’s master cheese makers and wine experts. La Boîte du Fromager now puts together its own annual advent calendar for all aperitif enthusiasts.

And when it comes to quantity, you won’t be disappointed. Whether it’s for the cheese advent calendar or the wine advent calendar, the brand relies on quantity, but also on surprising quality. The cheese box essentially includes 24 raw milk cheeses and tasting utensils. It is available on the La Boîte du Fromager website for 69.99 euros. As for the wine advent calendars, you can choose the one with 12 bottles or the one with 24 small bottles. They cost 129.90 and 60.90 euros respectively.

The Nature et Découvertes organic treats advent calendar

Among the selection of organic treats offered by Nature et Découvertes, you will discover teas, herbal teas and jams.

The Cheese Box: Cheesy Christmas Calendar

Are you a gourmet or a weekend drinker? Why not make the pleasure last for 24 days with the La Box Fromage advent calendar? The “Cheesy Christmas” box is also one of the brand’s best sellers. To make the mystery and surprises last even longer, the brand has decided to deliver its advent calendar in 2 parts. Each delivery involves 12 equally tasty slices of cheese. Choose your favourite wine, olives and charcuterie and you’re ready for your aperitif! You can also buy this advent calendar in their online shop for 59.99 euros.

Nature et Découvertes : The organic wine advent calendar

Nature et Découvertes, in association with Domaine du Goût, is offering this advent calendar of organic wines from French AOCs. Each day you can taste 2cls of nectar thanks to the Vinotte technology.

Le Chocolat des Français : The organic advent calendar made in France

This calendar, illustrated by the artist Jessica Das, invites you to discover each day a piece of organic chocolate made in France. What if this year you stopped buying industrial chocolate?

Bonne Maman : The jam advent calendar

Feel like taking a trip to a sweet and refined world? Think about choosing an advent calendar from the Bonne Maman brand. Bonne Maman is offering two different and equally delicious boxes to satisfy the most discerning gourmets. The first Advent calendar weighs 443 g and contains 24 surprises, including jars of fruit jam, marmalade, fruit jelly, tarts, shortbread, herbal teas and a pastry accessory. It is sold for about 29.90 euros on the company’s website. The second calendar is a limited edition and weighs 690 g. This one is mainly composed of 23 varieties of jam and a new surprise for the last box. The price of this sweet and delicious box can vary around 30 euros.

Honey advent calendar

This calendar is made for real honey lovers! Sauveterre House has selected 24 pots of honey of 40 grams. Thus, you will be able to taste every day a different honey from France or elsewhere.

Rapunzel Advent calendar

Rapunzel is a company that has been marketing food products since 1974. Leader on the organic products market, the brand collaborates with producers from several countries to guarantee quality products. Always respecting fair trade, the brand also offers an XXL advent calendar to celebrate advent in the right way. Between chocolate bars, fruit bars, creams, wafers, chocolate bars and nuts, you are sure to invite gastronomy to your snack breaks. This large box is available for 69.90 euros.

Degustabox advent calendar

At the end of the year, you are in a festive mood. Bring even more joy to your daily life through your plate! To do this, choose the well-stocked Degustabox advent calendar. In this XXL box you will find 24 delicious surprises, including gingerbread, crisps, chocolate, wine, sauce, rice, biscuits, jam, spreads, juice, herbal teas, syrup and many other delicacies to enhance your meals. The advent calendar is composed in collaboration with many well-known brands and combines quality and quantity for unforgettable days. Moreover, the prices offered by the brand are very interesting, because this large box is sold for less than 45 euros.

Cheese Temptation

Tentation Fromage is a company that sells gourmet products online. We are talking about cheese, charcuterie, meat, seafood and wine. For the end of the year, the brand is offering an advent calendar containing 24 exceptional 50g cheeses. The brand wants to spoil you with a lot of cheese that you can enjoy with the wine of your choice.

You don’t have to worry about the storage of your surprise products. They can be put in the fridge after opening to be rediscovered another time, even after Christmas. This is why it is called the “after” calendar. So enjoy the 24 days before your favourite celebration with the most delicious box, which will make your aperitifs gourmet and refined for 60 euros.

Salt & Pepper

Spices enhance the flavours and aromas of your dishes. In particular, they are the most important ingredients in gourmet dishes. To help you create restaurant-style meals, Salt & Pepper offers you an advent calendar with 24 spices. Spices from all over the world are offered, including products from India, Mexico, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, France, Pakistan, Indonesia, Portugal, Bolivia, etc. Travel and take your loved ones on a journey through enchanting and exotic dishes from the beginning of December. The price of this calendar can vary depending on the retailer, ranging from 34.90 to 39.90 euros.

Yovivo Lifestyle Shopping

Yovivo Lifestyle Shopping is the reference shop for all things lifestyle. If you are a fan of fine dining, presented with luxury cutlery, you have found the right address. The shop has become one of the retailers of the Corasol advent calendar with premium spices. This premium set is the best gift you can buy for yourself if you are a food lover and want to play chef at home. You will find salts, peppers of the world… in a 259 g box. You can buy this large advent calendar at Yovivo Lifestyle Shopping for about 39,99 euros.


For a tasty and refined end of the year, you can opt for the Advent calendar proposed by Api-Environnement. This company specialising in beekeeping offers you a box full of flavour, concocted with unconditional respect for bees and their habitat. It contains mainly honey-based products, including sweets, gingerbread, caramel, nougat, jam, fruit paste and small jars of honey of different varieties. The advantage of this box is that both young and old can taste and enjoy it. All these sweet treats are sure to give you 24 days of pure pleasure for 39 euros.

Terroirs de France

The Terroirs de France advent calendar is probably one of the most popular in the gastronomy category. Delight your taste buds for 24 days by discovering a new sweet or savoury artisanal surprise every morning, carefully selected by the team. In this box, you will find foie gras, salted butter caramel, olive oil, mustard, vinegar, honey, jam, poultry terrine, chocolate, nougat, calissons, shortbread and tea. Composed of products from the best regions of the country, diversity is the strength of this advent calendar. You can enjoy this gem of French gastronomy for 34.95 euros.

Oliviers & Co

Oliviers & Co is a shop specialising in the sale of high quality condiments, including olive oil, vinegar, truffles and many other grocery products. If you are a food lover, the brand’s advent calendar should delight you! This year, Oliviers & Co invites you to taste flavoured olive oils, balsamic condiments, mango vinegar and chocolate truffles in a luxurious and glamorous box. For 34.90 euros, you can order this magnificent advent calendar on the brand’s website and have it delivered directly to your home.

What is a gastronomic advent calendar?

This December, no diet! You’ve been depriving yourself all year long. So why not take advantage of your holidays to relax and put your diet on hold? And what better way to treat yourself than with a gastronomic advent calendar!

Like all advent calendars, the gastronomy calendar follows the same principle. It is usually presented in the form of a box with 24 compartments. Each compartment contains, among other things, a gastronomic delicacy that master chefs from all over the world are busy preparing. A numbered window is to be opened and discovered each day, so that you can wait for Christmas in good spirits.

Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, the gastronomy advent calendar will meet your expectations. From jars of jam to tins of foie gras, from spices to the classic chocolate advent calendar, this box will give you an experience in which you will discover the art of eating in a different way. It is sure to awaken your palate and keep you enthralled for 24 days.

Who is it for?

Short of ideas to avoid the temptation to open your Christmas presents? Here is the solution to keep your mind occupied: the advent calendar. In the past, advent calendars were reserved for children, but nowadays there are many advent calendars for adults. Among these, we can mention the gastronomy calendar.

The box is aimed at all those who wish to discover delicious and refined surprises to be enjoyed every day at your table. A rather original and pleasant way to experience a magical December!

What are the criteria for choosing a gastronomic advent calendar?

A blind choice is never good for your finances or your expectations. That’s why it’s always best to study the box and its features carefully before making your purchase. This way, you are less likely to be disappointed.

The price of the advent calendar

The gastronomic advent calendar consists mainly of preparations from high quality cuisine and production. Thus, the quality of these boxes can sometimes be accompanied by higher or lower prices.

Nevertheless, it is always more pleasant to acquire the products at the best price. For this, you will have to browse through several online shops or catalogues to find the box you want at the price that best suits your wallet.

The appearance of the box

A word of advice: choose a box that instantly makes you want to eat what’s inside. No matter how luxurious and sophisticated it is, if the box doesn’t appeal to you, there’s no point in buying something that doesn’t meet your aesthetic expectations. After all, if you want to give yourself this gift, it is mainly for your own personal pleasure. In this case, you should definitely find it to your liking.

The type of food contained in the box

Food advent calendars contain a wide range of foods. If you prefer sweet products, choose a box that is mainly made up of sweet products such as jam, biscuits, spreads, honey, etc. On the other hand, if you have a preference for savoury foods, choose a box containing tins or salty condiments.