Advent calendar Make-up: Which one to choose?

Calendriers de l’avent Maquillage

Make-up advent calendars have been a hit with make-up addicts for some years now. And so has the calendar for beauty product lovers. The days when Christmas boxes were exclusively for children are long gone. Every year, the brands concoct offers as tempting as the others to satisfy the cosmetics enthusiasts. So much so that it is difficult to make a choice in the face of this plethora of proposals. Fortunately, with the help of a few points, including the contents of the box, you will be able to make the right order. The details.

How to choose your make-up advent calendar?

The best beauty box is without doubt the one that meets your needs. How much are you willing to treat yourself to this box? What kind of cosmetic products are you looking for or what kind of make-up items do you want to give as gifts? Do you prefer simple or fancy packaging? Do you have a preference for a particular brand? It goes without saying that you will have to take all these points into account before placing your order. Consideration of these elements will undoubtedly lead you to THE ideal make-up advent calendar.

The contents of the make-up advent calendar

What does the package have in store for you and does the offer match your expectations? This is the first criterion you should use to make your choice. The variety, number and quality of the products on offer should be your guide. Otherwise, you may end up with an item that comes in different shapes and colours. Just as a lack of attention to detail can lead to you receiving products that you already have.

Preferably, it is better to look for calendars that provide more choice. For example, a boxed set that contains both :

  • Lipsticks;
  • Mascaras;
  • An eyeshadow palette;
  • Cosmetic care products;
  • Accessories (brushes, false eyelashes, sponge, etc.);
  • Foundation.

Of course, it all depends exclusively on your budget and what you really want to have or give this year.

Cosmetic brands in the spotlight

It is obvious that a fan of Sephora or Yves Rocher products will be delighted to receive a calendar concocted by these brands. What could be better than discovering a product from your favourite brand every day? At Christmas, all the brands in the beauty sector offer boxes, each one as original as the next, to the delight of their fans. Among the most popular are Huda beauty, Maybelline, Kiko, Nyx, Chanel, Guerlain and Dior.

Do you like to try out new creations and make authentic finds? Give lesser known brands a chance. You or the person receiving your gift will be pleasantly surprised by their products, which are just as rich in variety. Marionnaud, Benefit, Blissim or Mademoiselle Bio are just a few examples. It’s up to you to choose the brand you like!

The packaging of the make-up calendar

It’s easy to decide between a nice advent calendar and one that leaves something to be desired. Let’s face it, the design of the packaging announces itself to you what you’ll find inside. Especially since we are dealing here with the world of make-up. Where shades, textures and shapes play an essential role. What’s more, just between us, who would pay money for a beauty box that lacks aesthetics? Logical, isn’t it?

Therefore, enhance the visual of your calendar. Brands are constantly improving their packaging to appeal to cosmetics lovers. You will be spoilt for choice to find the most original container. Focus on the details: analyse the shape, colours and materials used. Don’t forget the creative touches that symbolise each brand. Study them and it will be easier for you to make a selection. In this way, you’ll be sure to find THE one among all the beauty advent calendars on the market.

The price of the box

Find your happiness in the low cost calendars as well as in the more expensive ones. During the festive season, to pamper yourself, you will indeed have to deal with :

  • Make-up advent calendars that cost less than 30 euros;
  • Advent calendars worth between 30 and 50 euros;
  • Make-up advent calendars that require a budget of between 50 and 100 euros;
  • Make-up advent calendars that cost between 100 and 200 euros;
  • Beauty advent calendars worth between 200 and 500 euros;
  • Beauty advent calendars that involve a budget of more than 1,000 euros.

As you can see, the price-quality ratio is a detail that should not be neglected. Set your budget, compare the offers of brands that offer the same price and finally, place the order. The only thing left to do? Wait for the package to arrive and enjoy a moment of euphoria!

Who are beauty advent calendars for?

Make-up addicts are of course the primary targets of these beauty boxes. Every year, brands improve, innovate and refine their offer to win their hearts at Christmas. In the same rank as these make-up enthusiasts are the cosmetics lovers and beauty product enthusiasts.

Naturally, make-up advent calendars attract women in large numbers. But in the world of skincare and beauty, men are not left out either.

These gift sets are sure to make people happy throughout the month of December. But you still need to know how to choose them according to your preferences and your financial means. Fortunately, you now know how to select them wisely. It remains to be seen what all the make-up advent calendars concocted by the brands are.