Toy Advent Calendar: Which one to choose?

Calendrier de l’Avent Jouet

Every year, children look forward to Christmas. It’s the best day of the year for little ones, with the arrival of Father Christmas, the chocolates, the hearty meals, the tree and the carols, but above all the presents. Fortunately, with advent calendars, you can give them wonderful presents to keep them waiting until Christmas. They will be delighted to count the days, discovering little surprises every morning. For a change from the traditional chocolate advent calendars, opt for a toy gift box this year. There are many brands offering these gifts nowadays. You can choose between interactive games, small figurines, collectible cars, dolls… and this, for all ages. In this article, discover the favourites of the season and give your little ones the most wonderful Christmas party.

The best toy advent calendars

December is fast approaching and it is high time to find the advent calendar to give to your children. This year again, brands are competing with each other to offer you more and more innovative and original models. Discover our selection of gift boxes that you can buy for your children.

Playmobil (Princess…)

Playmobil, the German toy brand founded in 1974, is unveiling a number of advent calendars this year to give your children a wonderful time until Christmas. Discover the Playmobil universe and access its playful environments for hours of family fun. Playmobil advent calendars usually consist of 24 boxes of surprise toys. Each day, they invite your children to meet firemen, pirates, princesses and new characters from the Playmobil universe through playful objects. The Playmobil advent calendars start at €19.99.

Lego (Star Wars; Friends; Harry Potter…)

The Lego Group, one of the world’s best-known toy manufacturers, is offering a whole collection of advent calendars this year to end the year in style. In these special editions, young and old alike will discover each day small pre-cut doors, in which all sorts of toys can be found: small characters, vehicles or other objects… Indeed, there is something for everyone: Star Wars for the little Jedi, Lego Friends to live beautiful stories of friendship, Harry Potter for those who love adventure, Ninjago for the martial arts fans… So, if you are looking for a timeless gift to give to your child, give him or her a Lego advent calendar. Lego advent calendars are priced at around €22, but the price changes depending on the theme.


The Pandacraft advent calendar is the perfect toy for children who love to investigate. Inside there are 24 activities, such as riddles, experiments and code games. With this advent calendar, your children will find an envelope each day with a story card, a puzzle card and a creative activity.

There are also two versions of the Pandacraft children’s advent calendar: the Explore educational kit (for children aged 3 to 7 years, this advent calendar includes experiments with the Bamboo Panda) and the Makers educational kit (for children aged 8 to 12 years).

Play-Doh (modelling clay)

In the run-up to Christmas, give your children hours of fun with this advent calendar from Play-Doh. It offers 24 accessories, including 5 pots of modelling clay and 1 activity mat. With extra soft dough, your little ones can use their imagination to create a whole range of products. In addition, many accessories are already included in this box, including moulds, shapes, cutting tools… In short, everything your children will need to have fun every day, before and during the holidays. This gift set is available for 10 €.


Cultura has no less than 62 advent calendars for your children this year. You will surely find what your child is looking for, between the Lego, Pat’patrouille, Disney, Playmobil calendars, or to make with them. They are available at affordable prices: between 2,99 and 39,99€.


Are you looking for a nice gift for your little girl? Let yourself be seduced by the L.O.L. Advent calendar. Famous for its exclusive dolls, this brand offers you 25 surprise boxes in a gift box. In addition to the doll, you will have a multitude of accessories to take care of her such as small mirrors, combs, shoes, jewellery and many clothes. Each doll in the calendar has a “surprise water function”. For example, there is one that changes colour when dipped in water and other models that can cry, spit or pee. You can give this lovely gift to your princess from €16.95.

Peppa Pig Toy

Does your child enjoy watching Peppa Pig’s adventures on TV? Give them the opportunity to create their own story with the Peppa Pig Advent Calendar. This box contains 24 compartments in which he or she will discover all the characters from this British animated TV series that was created by Mark Baker and Neville Astley. Behind each door of the calendar is a surprise toy such as a small figurine of Peppa, George, their friends and also Father Christmas. For added satisfaction, a host of Christmas accessories are also included in the box. This is so that your child can create their own Peppa Christmas adventures. This advent calendar is available at €28.77.


Are you looking for a toy advent calendar that can stimulate your children’s creativity? Then why not opt for a creative kit? This allows your children between 5 and 10 years old to create their own calendar consisting of 12 large elegant gift paper bags and 12 small paper bags. Available for €13.99, this DIY kit is ideal for giving them the opportunity to free and cultivate their imagination. Then it’s up to you to place delicious (or not) surprises in the 24 boxes carefully crafted by your little ones!


Cultura’s children’s advent calendars are available to suit all tastes and preferences. Advent calendar of the wolf, Friends, Back to the Future, Harry Potter, Star Wars…, there’s plenty to choose from. The brand even offers DIY models to make with your little ones. It’s an opportunity to spend time with your children while having fun. And whatever your budget, you’ll easily find something to delight and enthuse your little ones at Cultura. By opting for a Cultura toy advent calendar, your little ones will have no time to be bored during the 24 days leading up to Christmas. What more could you want!

DINOREX Play Dinosaur Dino Figures

This year, get off the beaten track with dinosaur gifts from DINOREX. The Dino Figures Dinosaur Advent Calendar is a surprise set for children who are history buffs and fans of prehistoric animals. This dinosaur advent calendar invites you and your little explorer to discover the majestic species of prehistoric times. The principle is simple: it offers children 24 surprises to introduce them to the world of dinosaurs. There are T Snap Mini 3D figurines, dinosaur motifs, various buttons, etc. There are also stationery items with information about all the dinosaurs that have existed on earth. Your children will be able to find out everything there is to know about the different species and have fun at the same time before the holidays. This gift set is suitable for both girls and boys aged 5 to 12. Older children who already know about dinosaurs will also be happy to share this passion with their younger children.

If you notice that your child is interested in palaeontology and the world of animals, this advent calendar is the ideal way to make him/her live his/her passion during 25 days. And why not become a real little palaeontologist. It’s a fun and enjoyable way to introduce them to the world of paleontology. This gift can be given on any occasion. You can buy it for only €29.99.


Introduce your child to Pat’Patrol, from 3 years old. They will quickly become familiar with the 9 figures. Each day he will discover either a figurine or an accessory on the Christmas theme. This advent calendar costs only 30,36€ and will be delivered very quickly, so you can be sure to receive it before December 1st.

Harry Potter

For the fourth year in a row, Funko offers Potterheads its new Harry Potter advent calendar. You can find in this box 24 small vinyl pop figures. This will allow you to spend a magical Christmas with the Golden Trio, their friends and their teachers! Nevertheless, besides the characters of the saga (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape…), you can also discover behind the boxes of the calendar the figurines of fantastic animals like Sombral and pets like Crockdur.

In any case, to give or to offer you this box, you must count between 48,41 € and 89 €. This gift is sure to please fans of the universe of the most famous wizard.

Precious stones

Would you like to give your child an advent calendar? A box of gems will surely please your little one. The gemstone advent calendar is an educational game for children. Fossils, rocks, minerals, they will discover a new stone every day and learn to recognise them with the magnifying glass and guide provided with the box. At Christmas, your children will complete their rock collection with 24 gems, including quartz, opals, jasper, meteorites, gastropods, etc.

The gemstone advent calendar is also a real wellness gift. Because some of the stones in it have the power to harmonise the energy of body and mind. So you’ll be in top form for Christmas.

This gift set is sold at 9.99 euros each. If you decide to give one to each member of the family, you can benefit from a discount on the price.

What is a Toy Advent Calendar?

The toy advent calendar is a box containing small toys to be discovered each day during the 4 weeks preceding Christmas Day. This is why it often consists of 24 boxes. Originally, the advent calendar was intended to keep children waiting until Christmas, by spoiling them with oranges or small presents, but also to teach them to resist the temptation to open all their presents at once. This concept originated in Germany in the 19th century. Nowadays, the advent calendar offers different types of products and is aimed at both children and adults. In addition, all the major brands offer this type of gift to please their customers, but also to publicise their flagship products.

To make the Christmas season special for the little ones, brands are competing with each other in terms of ingenuity and creativity to create an advent calendar that stands out from the crowd. The prize is a new toy every day. It’s certain that children will be delighted with such a gift.

Who is the toy advent calendar for?

Generally, this calendar is intended for children, but thanks to the new games that appear every day, it is also aimed at older and older children. However, even if adults are also entitled to it, children are still the main target. Moreover, Christmas is their holiday, so it is only natural that they should be privileged during this festive period.

In addition, thanks to the various boxes with different contents, there is something for every child, regardless of gender, age or toy preference.

Although the purpose of a toy advent calendar is to keep children waiting until the holidays arrive, it should also entertain them. On the market you will find several types of toy advent calendars for girls and boys, but also for all ages. For girls there are, for example, doll, toy and make-up sets, and for boys there are building sets, toy cars, DIY tools, etc.

What are the criteria for choosing a Toy Advent calendar?

The choice of a toy advent calendar depends mainly on the personal preferences of the child. However, there are also some details to consider before choosing the gift. These are mainly the age, gender and needs of the children who will receive the gift. To help you, we have selected some criteria to consider before you check out.

The price

This is one of the most important criteria to consider when making your purchase. The first thing to do is to define the price so that you can budget for it. Indeed, you can find an advent calendar for less than 5 €, but some boxes can reach 8 000 €. So you need to know how much you are prepared to spend on your advent calendar. With the diversity of products, you will surely find the gift that fits your budget and your needs.

The content

This is what will determine your choice, as it is supposed to convince you to buy the product. In addition, it is also intended to meet the needs of the child to whom you intend to give it. To help you with this, you can choose your set according to your child’s age, gender and taste. As it is a toy, you can also use the recommendations on the packaging of your advent calendar, for example the minimum age indications.

The design

Yes, aesthetics is also very important. You choose a toy advent calendar to please your child, but at the same time, you also offer yourself an interesting decorative element to sublimate your living room or your little one’s room. Moreover, the companies that offer advent calendars always try to create artistic objects to satisfy you. You will have the choice between colours, shapes, visuals, openings…

Personal pleasure

Last, but not least, is personal pleasure. There is no point in buying something if you don’t like it yourself. Since it’s Christmas, let your desires speak for themselves and treat yourself to a gift that you love above all. Do you want it, or at least you know that it will definitely please your child? Then go for it! In one of the toy advent calendars, you will offer your child 24 days of happiness, so follow your instincts and let yourself be immersed in the pleasure of the holidays.