Advent calendar for horse riding: Which one to choose?


As December approaches, horse riding advent calendars are in great demand in the shops. Everyone is interested in them, both children and adults, who also have their own advent calendar. Everyone can choose the one that suits their wishes. But what is it? How do you choose an advent calendar for horse riding?

Playmobil – Advent Calendar “Farm Animals

This is the Playmobil advent calendar with a farm theme. It is composed of many figures. These are animals with different accessories. Among others there are three characters, animals like horses, tractors, cardboard farm dioramas. And so on. This advent calendar is intended for children of at least 4 years. The size of the components is particularly suitable. The edges are rounded to avoid hurting them. It is designed to be assembled with parents on a daily basis. The design is robust. The parts can be cleaned with water, as there are no stickers.

Schleich – Playset Farm World Advent Calendar

This advent calendar consists of 24 windows, there are figurines with very realistic detail. It is both a nice surprise for the child’s daily life. The realism also promotes education. It allows the child to learn about farm animals in general and horses in particular. However, the figures contain several very small parts. This advent calendar should not be given to children under the age of three.

Playmobil – Advent Calendar “Equestrian Centre”

As the name suggests, this calendar has a riding school theme. It includes children’s figures who can ride two ponies without a saddle. It also has two removable ribbons. The ponies can be decorated with two ribbons.

Schleich – Farm World Advent Calendar

This advent calendar contains 24 FARM WORLD calendar windows with very realistic figures. It is also a very educational item. There are very realistic details. The set also contains nine kinds of animals with great accessories. Among other figures there are :

  • a Siamese cat,
  • a kitten,
  • a horse,
  • a guinea pig,
  • a hedgehog, a rocker,
  • a dog blanket.

Playmobil – Advent Calendar Christmas Ball Crystal Lounge – Christmas 24 Surprises

This advent calendar model gives the child the pleasure of Christmas. It deals with the theme of the Christmas ball in the crystal room. In each box there are many figures with many animals, including the horse. This calendar has a family, a Christmas tree and a Christmas diorama. It is complementary to the Playmobil Magic theme world. It is recommended for everyday use. With assembly instructions for parents. It has no stickers and can be washed under running water. It is also chemical free.

Schleich – Playset Horse Club Advent Calendar

This advent calendar contains 24 boxes with attractive figurines and accessories. There are many different kinds of animal-themed figurines, especially horse-themed ones, such as :

  • a Trakehnen mare,
  • a Trakehnen foal,
  • a stable halter,
  • a horse blanket,
  • a bandage, a syringe,
  • a basket, a Trakehnen mare,
  • a Trakehnen foal, etc.

Playmobil – Advent Calendar – Heidis Winterwelt, for Children from 4 Years

This advent calendar consists of 24 boxes, each with a number of figures and animals behind the door. There is a cardboard diorama of the winter world. It is a toy for children aged four and over. The size and rounded shape of the figures are designed to be handled by a child’s hands. It is recommended for day-to-day use with the child’s parents. The set contains

  • a Playmobil Heidi Advent calendar “Heidis Winter Welt”;
  • Sixty-eight pieces with instructions (French not guaranteed) including an advent calendar, four figures, a backdrop, sixty-two accessories (paper and plastic).

Breyer Horse Collection Advent Calendar, Holiday Advent Calendar – Craftingtil Christmas

With this calendar you can start a countdown to Christmas. You open a door every day. This allows for a creative countdown to the holiday. It contains elements that allow you to create four projects, such as

  • a winged suncatcher decoration;
  • a painted decoration with decals,
  • a Father Christmas costume for the Palomino Stablemates model included;
  • a unicorn and a foal to paint.

This advent calendar also includes stickers and a small Whinnies Appaloosa horse. The pack contains a Breyer advent calendar. It is 40.6 cm long and 35.6 cm high. There are also four stablemates (with decals, costumes, stickers, paint and brushes). Each item in the Breyer collection is designed by horsemanship experts. The sculptures and figures are realistic. The details are done by hand. The horse pieces have been very popular since the 1950s. The hand-made pieces are also hand-painted with great attention to detail. The horse figures are sculpted in such a way that they have an unmistakable individuality.

Playmobil Novelmore – Advent Calendar “Dueling Knights”

There are 24 boxes with small doors behind which are hidden accessories on the themes of the Novelmore knights. Novelmore is a country where bloody battles are fought between the three main characters Gwynn, Dario Da Vanci and Arwynn and the Burnham Raiders. The latter want to steal the ‘Invincibus’ armour. In conclusion, advent calendars were originally designed for religious education around Christmas. The images were initially related to religious figures. But the commercial development allowed its use in many different themes without exception. That is why there are also advent calendars about horse riding. It is a very rich theme that offers unlimited creative possibilities.

Schleich Horse Club Advent Calendar

This is a set of 24 small figures and accessories. They are shaped to look realistic. They are very durable figures. Among other components, there are :

  • a girl’s figure,
  • two Arabian foals,
  • 1 puppy, 1 Arabian mare,
  • a chick,
  • a foal bridle,

What is an Equestrian Advent Calendar?

The horse riding advent calendar allows any horse riding lover to wait patiently for Christmas. In general, this type of calendar consists of 24 boxes in which surprises are hidden. Inside you can find articles related to the world of horse riding and horse themes. This can be figurines, pictures, garlands, even sweets, or other accessories. Some horse riding advent calendars offer the opportunity to create a scene over the course of the day to invent horse-related scenarios. For example, an advent calendar can be based on the theme of a riding school. You open the box and your child will find pictures, figurines or garlands in the shape of a horse, a foal or a pony. The box can also contain equestrian accessories that you can discover every day to learn how to take care of your horse. The possibilities are endless. There are no limits to the equestrian advent calendar except for your imagination. There are also horse advent calendars that you can make yourself.

Who is the Horse Riding Advent Calendar for?

All horse riding enthusiasts can afford horse riding advent calendars. For children, the most popular model today is the boxed set of figures or pictures or other accessories referring to the theme of horse riding. Adults also benefit from the children’s models, as most of these models come with parental instructions.

In other words, parents are invited to accompany the children in the discovery of each day’s play and to help them understand.

Parents benefit from this, as they have the opportunity to pass on the love of riding to their children. Isn’t it a good idea to pass on the love of riding to children?

Horse riding enthusiasts and all those interested in horse riding can also benefit from their own well-tailored advent calendar. For example, online advent calendars are available. The boxes are replaced by tabs that contain a link to a blog post about horses and riding.

Criteria for choosing your horse riding advent calendar

The variety of calendars makes it difficult to choose. When buying, you may wonder how to know which box is the most suitable for you. This article will help you make a choice based on a few relevant criteria such as :

  • The price,
  • The content,
  • Formats and media,
  • The design.

The price of the advent calendar

You may well choose the most expensive advent calendar on the market in order to satisfy a desire that only occurs once a year. This is perfectly justifiable. It is a way of rewarding yourself after a whole year of hard work. But you can also opt for a purchase with a more frugal mindset. After all, treating yourself doesn’t have to mean spending too much. You can buy affordable and good quality gift sets.

The content of the advent calendar

There are several types of advent calendars. When choosing an advent calendar, it is important to make sure that the theme of the calendar is suitable for the person who will benefit from it. The success of the purchase depends on the person’s tastes. For example, you can buy boxes containing sweets or toys. Others contain beauty products or jewellery. Some contain pictures of cartoon characters. Others contain items relating to riding and horses.

Advent calendar formats and materials

Advent calendars also come in a variety of formats. They can be presented in the following forms:

  • Garlands of bags.
  • Stacked boxes,
  • Cardboard cubes.

You can also create your own calendar and fill them in according to your imagination. This way you can please yourself and your loved ones. There are no limits to your taste and preferences.

The design of the advent calendar

In addition to the content and theme of the box, the design also plays an important role in your choice of advent calendar. The best box is the one that catches your eye and makes you want to buy. It is also the one that can be used as an ornament for the house.

Selection of advent calendars on the theme of horse riding

There are many different types of advent calendars with a horse riding theme. In this field, the possibilities are endless in terms of material, design and models. Today, the most popular and most produced are those with boxes and figures, with dioramas full of equestrian images and landscapes. For example, advent calendars with a riding theme can be integrated into animal, riding school or farm animal themes. Here are ten of the most popular advent calendars today:

  • Playmobil Advent Calendar “Farm Animals”;
  • Schleich Playset Farm World Advent Calendar ;
  • Playmobil Advent Calendar “Equestrian Centre” ;
  • Schleich Farm World Advent Calendar ;
  • Playmobil Advent Calendar Christmas Ball Crystal Lounge Christmas 24 Surprises ;
  • Schleich Playset Advent Calendar Horse Club ;
  • Playmobil Advent Calendar Heidis Winterwelt, for Children from 4 Years ;
  • Breyer Horse Collection Advent Calendar, Crafting ’til Christmas Holiday Advent Calendar ;
  • Playmobil Novelmore Advent Calendar “Dueling Knights” ;
  • Schleich Horse Club Advent Calendar